The Latest From Vagabond Opera...


Yes, the rumors are true.. We are in the studio at last recording our third album, and what a gem it shall be! We have chosen Jackpot studios for this one, and are working with our engineer friend Dean who is just fabulous. Our mixing will be done at Kung-Fu Bakery. So, how do you transfer the experience of our show onto CD? Well, it is a really fun challenge and we are rising to it. Recording puts us in touch with our music more than ever and really allows the songs to shine in a new way. We are having a lot of fun. Rumor has it there will even be a track of hoola-hooping (it has never before been done!). This CD marks the first album representing the band as it is now. The last one was made right when Mango joined us, and we were still solidifying as a group. This one will really carry our magic into the world. Look for it soon!